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About Molly

Hello. You have reached the about / bio page of Molly Thornberg.

Unfortunately, Molly feels that traditional bios are boring and Molly does not do boring – but, if you knew Molly – of course, you would know that.

If you are looking for professional Molly, check out her work experience. For those who just want to know about the person behind the name, keep reading. 

A Listicle Style Bio – Because Again, Real Bios Tend to Suck.


Back in the early day of web design, the big thing was WYSISYG HTML editors.

WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get

Molly’s life motto is to be WYSIWYG. Transparent and real. Nobody has time for that fake stuff.


It Was a Teenage Love Story

Molly met Sean right before she turned 18. They fell in love and got married at 19.

But did it last? We will let you know in 20 more years. 


The Family

Sean and Molly have 4 kids, ranging from elementary to high school. With 3 boys and a daughter, the laundry is never done, the noise is always loud and something is always being broken. It keeps life interesting. 


Don’t Forget the Dogs!

In addition to the 4 kids, they have 2 dogs. A pug and golden doodle. They also contribute to the mess and noise. 


Texas Forever

Molly is a life-long Texan, minus 7 months that she does not care to talk about where she had to live in Arkansas due to a husband job situation.


Yellow Farmette

Molly and her fam live in a Yellow Farmette, outside of Dallas, TX. 

Someday they will have farm animals, for now they have kids. That’s almost the same, right? 

Instagram Stories

Molly tends to overshare, but has come to accept that it’s apart of the WYSIWYG.

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Loves Jesus But Drinks a Little

Molly loves Jesus, is a strong believer in GRACE and she drinks a little.

If you are ordering her a drink, make it a sweet wine or cocktail.  

Be Like a Flamingo

Graceful but rowdy, balanced but unique and a little tacky –  Molly wants to be like a flamingo.

Love Language

If you want to speak Molly’s love language, talk in funny memes or stupid gifs.