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content marketing

Content Marketing

Strategize, write, create, implement, activate. The art of content marketing is an ever-changing beast!

influencer marketing campaigns

Influencer Marketing

Identifying voices to help amplify the brand's product by developing robust influencer campaigns.

wordpress development

WordPress Development

Overseeing and creating websites have been an ongoing trend in my 20+ years of experience working online. With over 12 years of experience in WordPress development, I've seen it all.

social media

Social Media

Finding ways to create buzz, build community, sell product and communicate to the targeted masses.

email marketing

Email Marketing

Strategize, write, create, implement, activate. The art of content marketing is an ever-changing beast!

I have been gifted with amazing leadership in my career, and Molly Thornberg is no exception. While Molly has admiring work ethic and a wealth of knowledge about all things cool & digital, what really sets her apart is her contagious positive energy and her entrepreneurial spirit that fuels out of the box thinking. What I now appreciate most from my time working with Molly is how she taught me in the midst of all this "doing" how important and easy it is to invest yourself in the lives of others along the way. She knows how to celebrate life and all the people in it. She leads by example with her capacity for change & growth, along with her heart to make a positive difference in the world around her. She still continues to make a difference in mine, and sometimes when I’m stuck in a rough spot I try to channel my inner-Molly and find that voice that says “It’s all good”!
melanie richeson
Melanie Richeson
Senior Consultant (former employee)

Content Marketing

Allstate App Campaign

10-day campaign for Allstate  promoting the Allstate QuickTrip app. Generated over 3000 views and 870 giveaway entries during the 10 day campaign run.

Pull-Ups  Campaign

Content created for Babble / Disney Interactive in partnership with Huggies Pull-Ups. Target audience was moms with toddlers who are in the midst of potty training.

Social Media

women of faith facebook marketing

Women of Faith Facebook

Responsible for directing the brand’s introduction to Facebook. Grew subscriber count from zero to 300,000 in 1 year. Continued to grow thru frequent posts, video and live streaming. Used Facebook Events to drive ticket sales, create a communication channel with attendees, word-of-mouth marketing and to create a community for each event city.

facebook viral video

Viral Facebook Video

After starting WME Live, noticed an Andy Andrews Facebook video start to gain traction. Developed a multi-channel campaign using email marketing, social media and influencers to further the viewer numbers. Views are currently at 15 million.

View Video on Facebook

At the final Women of Faith event, we were able to live stream the Friday night portion of the conference. The live viewer count was over 5k and over the course of 2 weeks saw 500,000+ views.  

wofloved hashtag trending


Utilizing hashtags enabled the conferences and events to continually trend on Twitter and Instagram. This created buzz, user generated content and helped the various live events brands grow.

instagram growth chart

Women of Faith Instagram

Oversaw creative direction of Women of Faith Instagram from mid 2015 – mid 2018. Experienced growth of 250k followers. Utilized the Instagram platform for user-generated content, influencer marketing, live event coverage and community building.

together rising insta

Together Live Instagram

Established Together Live Instagram. Provided training and assistance to WME staff to help grow Instagram channel, promote live events and create a community.

twitter growth cart

Women of Faith Twitter

Responsible for directing the Women of Faith brand’s introduction to Twitter. Grew subscriber count steadily. Created on-site Twitter strategy for tweet-ups, back stage content, audience engagement and user-generate content at live events. 

Influencer Marketing

Since the launch of Twitter in 2006, I have worked with various brands and entities to launch influencer campaigns. 

In the early days, it was Twitter meet-ups at live events. As social media grew and continued its rise in popularity, we pivoted finding unique ways with each platform, to find the right influencers for each campaign. 

Influencer marketing is a great  way to tell stories, demonstrate products, share experiences – all while helping build a new audience for the client. 

Utilizing influencers – not just as a silo, but with paid, earned and owned marketing channels can return amazing results. 

influencer marketing

Email Marketing

Work samples from various email marketing campaigns.

The Belong Tour

The Belong Tour brand relied heavily on the use of email and sms marketing. 

Women of Faith

Women of Faith dissolved its live event component and shifted focus to creating online relationships and maintaining sponsors. Weekly Women of Faith newsletter, were distributed to over 750k engaged email subscribers. 

Together Live

Another start-up was the Together Live tour. Utilizing talent and influencers, Together Live created a lean but robust email list. We used Sales Force to create personable communications, segmenting lists and targeted ads, resulting in ticket sales and an added value for sponsorships. 

WordPress Development

Work Examples

WordPress has been my go to web platform for over the last 12 years. While my main area of strength is not in WordPress development, I due have many years of experience in both using and overseeing development of WordPress websites.  In addition to personally and professionally using WordPress, I have trained numerous clients on how to use the platform.


women of faith

In 2011, I was responsible for moving the Women of Faith website from straight html to utilizing WordPress as a CMS. 

Aided in training New Life Ministries staff on how to use WordPress, SEO tips and 

digital mom blog

Digital Mom Blog is my personal website, created 11 years ago for talking about parenting in the digital age. Website has been optimized for minimal load and search engine traffic.

Viewership of over 12 million visitors with an average of 100k page views per month. 

keto dirty

Keto Dirty is a niche website dedicated to keto recipes and living a low carb lifestyle.

 Viewership of 25k page views a month in less than 9 months by creating a tight niche community, search engine optimization and social traffic.  

6 Reasons You Should Work with Molly Thornberg

Reason #1 - Experience

With 20+ years of experience in the web space, I can bring a variety of skills and resources to your projects.

Reason #2 - Out of the Box

Out of the box thinking is something that has been required time and time again and a trait I own well. 

Reason #3 - Pivot

Some people don’t like change, I embrace it. PIVOT! 

Reason #4 - Strategy

With an effective strategy and roadmap your project and goals are accomplished. Strategy is one of my Strength Finder strengths!

Reason #5 - Big or Small

From big budgets to tiny budgets, I have been able to create ways to accomplish what needs to happen.

Reason #6 - Easy Going

While someone maybe highly qualified for a position, if they are not easy to work with forget it! I strive to stay driven, focused but easy going. 

Things rarely happen on their own. Everyone is waiting for you to organize the next thing.

Seth Godin, Marketing Guru, Author and Teacher

Email Marketing